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Low C Copper Flute #GR0019 in Gilded Relic

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A Gilded Relic represents the most prestigious and elaborate finish I create.

First, I place the flute body in a special fuming chamber for 3 months to get the deep, rich blues.
Then, I use delicate copper gilding to create a stunning organic pattern. 

This is complimented with a unique Copper End-piece, which I craft myself by hand on my jeweler's lathe. 

All of this craftsmanship and artistry combine to create something that would look at home in a museum of irreplaceable treasures...

I do hope you will come to treasure your own Gilded Relic for generations to come!


Includes the new updated Head Joint


Copper Flutes Ship in 5-7 Business Days

Low C Model, plays in C Minor and D Minor

The Copper Flute has 7 holes on the front and a thumbhole on the back. 

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