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Playing The Copper Flute


I've never played a musical instrument before. Is this easy to learn?

I designed the Copper Flute to be easy to pick up and play without experience... yet a nuanced enouch instrument to play masterfully, with beautiful, raw emotion.

That means you will be able to play simple melodies very quickly, no matter what your experience is. But better than playing simply melodies... When you purchase a Copper Flute, I will be sending a new, easy to follow video to your inbox each morning for 30 days.

That means you don't have to stress out about how to learn, what to play, or how to improve. I'll be walking right alongside you, taking you from your first simple notes, to imrpovising your own music that stirs the soul.

In these videos, I will personally teach you, not just how to play the Copper Flute, but how to tap into your own innate ability to express yourself musically... Without weighing you down with complex music theory.

You can see a sample video lesson above.

Do I need to read music to play the Copper Flute?

Not at all. My teaching approach focuses on intuitive playing and self-expression, not on reading sheet music or complex theory. You'll learn to play by ear and feel.

Does the Copper Flute have any cultural significance?

The Copper Flute is steeped in my own cultural and historical significance. Tracing back to my Northern German ancestry, I find a deep connection to the Chalcolithic era, a time when copper was a prominent material in craftsmanship. I envision my great (great, great, great, great...) grandfather working with Copper himself.

Perhaps even making music on a flute made from the bone of a vulture...

This instrument has deep meaning to me personally, but the truth is, the Copper Flute isn't just about reviving a tradition; it's about reconnecting with a spiritual essence that flutes have universally symbolized across cultures. Flutes have been revered not merely as instruments but as channels of emotional and spiritual expression.

This universal reverence is not baseless tradition; it's a testament to the profound impact music, especially flute music, has on the human spirit.

My creation of the Copper Flute is a homage to this deep-rooted cultural and spiritual legacy. It's more than crafting an instrument; it's about reawakening and nurturing that ancient bond between music and the human soul. With each Copper Flute, I aim to infuse these historical overtones, creating a bridge that connects the past to the present, traditional to modern.

My hope is that the Copper Flute becomes a vessel, carrying joy, health, love, and peace into the lives of those who play and hear it, echoing the legacy of our ancestors and the timeless power of music.

Who is the Copper Flute for?

If you're reading this, there's a good chance the Copper Flute is for you... Because you're someone who's already read this far and looked this closely at this unique new work of musical art.

The Copper Flute draws in different people for different reasons. Many composers have added the Copper Flute to their collection, as well as many professional musicians. They appreciate the texture and timbre only this new instrument can capture.

The Copper Flute has also found its way into homes across the world. Take my friend Gene, for example. He didn't come from a musical background, but when he first heard this flute, it stirred something up in his heart he couldn't forget.

Soon, he was starting a Copper Flute collection of his own, and today, even without a musical background, he posts wonderful videos of his playing in our FB Group!

There's also people like Dana, who uses the Copper Flute to help other people process deep emotions through his work as a Sound Practitioner.

The common thread is all of these people felt drawn to the sound of this unique instrument. They heard it, and it stirred something in them that led them here, just like you are today.

So if you hear the sound of the Copper Flute, and it has you wondering what it might be like to make this kind of music yourself... then the Copper Flute was truly made just for you...

Why should I own a Copper Flute?

The Copper Flute is more than just a musical instrument; it is an individual pieces of art. The unique patina technique I use, developed over years of experimentation, brings out a distinct character in every flute, ensuring that no two are exactly alike.

This means that when you acquire a Copper Flute, you're not just buying an instrument, you're obtaining a unique creation that stands out in both craftsmanship and aesthetic appeal.

The beauty of each Copper Flute lies in its individuality. The colors and patterns formed through the natural patination process are a testament to the flute's uniqueness, making it a prized addition to any collection, be it for artistic display or musical exploration.

When you own a Copper Flute, it isn'tt just a functional instrument, but a personal and artistic statement.

A piece of history and artistry that you can both display and play. Your Copper Flute is worthy of becoming a family hierloom, passed along for generations.

What can the Copper Flute be used for?

The Copper Flute's finely tuned frequencies and overtones mean it does more than just play beautiful music. Many Sound Practitioners from around the world have adopted the Copper Flute into their practices.

One of the things I will be teaching you in the 30 days of video lessons, is how to create a sacred morning ritual with your Copper Flute.

These simple exhales of gratittude become a powerful force of good, starting up your day on the right note.

I have also been honored to see people building their own Copper Flute collection for the artistic appeal, showcasing them in their homes as works of art, often in unique ways.

This special creation can work its special magic in many areas of your life!

What notes does the Copper Flute play?

The Copper Flute's unique fingerholes and tuning allow each model to play in two main keys:

The Low C plays in C Minor / Eb Major and D Minor / F Major.

The Lullaby plays in F Minor / Ab Major and G Minor / Bb Major.

The Bass F also plays in F Minor / Ab Major and G Minor / Bb Major, but it is an octave lower than the Lullaby.

You can actually play both at the same time, using the Bass F as a drone for your Lullaby Edition Copper Flute playing.

Finger charts and notes for each Copper Flute model can be found ->here<-

How is the Copper Flute different than other flutes?

With a wind instrument, the "sound" of the instrument all comes down to the combination of additional frequencies played ontop of the main frequency. These are called "overtones", and each style of flute is unique in the overtones produced.

In my research and development, I used precision engineering to finely craft and control which overtones the Copper Flute played and which it didn't.

That means the sound it produces is uniquely the Copper Flute.

How about how it is played? The Copper Flute has seven finger holes on top and a thumb hole on the bottom. This special finger layout allows you to play in multiple keys across multiple octaves.

It's also very intuitive, and whether you've played another flute or haven't played an instrument in your life, it will feel very natural.

What key are the different models of Copper Flute in?

The Copper Flute's unique fingerholes and tuning allow each model to play in two main keys:

The Low C plays in C Minor / Eb Major and D Minor / F Major.

The Lullaby plays in F Minor / Ab Major and G Minor / Bb Major.

The Bass F also plays in F Minor / Ab Major and G Minor / Bb Major, but it is an octave lower than the Lullaby.

You can actually play both at the same time, using the Bass F as a drone for your Lullaby Edition Copper Flute playing.

Can my skills on another style of flute easily transfer to this new flute?

Yes, if you have experience playing other types of flutes, you'll find that many of your skills transfer to the Copper Flute.

With the Copper Flute, you'll experience a unique blend of familiarity and novelty. The breath control and fingering techniques you've already learned will serve as a solid foundation. While the distinct tonal qualities and nuances of the Copper Flute will offer a new dimension to your playing.

This combination of existing skills and new explorations makes the transition to the Copper Flute both exciting and rewarding.

Is the Copper Flute “tunable”?

Every Copper Flute includes both a head joint and a body. The head joint can be adjusted by sliding it along the body, enabling precise tuning of the flute.