Copper Flute Release Puzzle - RÄUM Music

Copper Flute Release Puzzle

Can you solve this puzzle?


To celebrate the release of the Copper Flute this year I am doing something a little different…


In the image below are all the clues you need to solve a somewhat difficult, abstract puzzle.


There are no more clues outside of this image, and nothing in the text of this post is a clue.


The prize at the end of the tunnel for one clever winner? An $800 gift certificate here at
Why do this? My goal in this season of life is to create bigger, more immersive experiences for others.


I want to aim the minds of my friends, family, and strangers at something unique and challenging.


So I’ve created this for you.



P.S. If you get this puzzle right, you will have immediate confirmation. That means you don't need to send me your guesses. There's a clue in this as well...


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