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Low D Copper Flute | Copper Jewel

Legend has it I plucked this flute straight from The Cave of Wonders, because this striking finish would be at home amongst piles of shining jewels and gemstones...

Thousands of sparkles shine from the pure copper body, contrasted against a striking blue patina'd end piece. 

Every Copper Jewel Low D comes with its own unique blue-patina'd end-piece. The one featured here is a good representation of what they look like, but know that yours will be truly unique and special, as no two are exactly alike!

Includes the new updated V2 Head Joint, and Certificate of Authenticity. 


Copper Flutes Ship in 3-5 Business Days.

Low D, plays in D Minor and E Minor 

The Copper Flute has 7 holes on the front and a thumbhole on the back. 

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