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Copper Flute #BF0026 in Woodland Whisper | Bass F

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*Truly unique in every way. This patina was created using real leaves soaked in a special solution, then wrapped around the flute body. After this, additional patina solution was misted onto the flute body over the course of two days. The final outcome is organic, vibrant, and stunning!

The Bass F Copper Flute is the largest Copper Flute model, measuring in at about 42" (about 107 cm).

It is played through a special Air Adaptor tube, which is included.

The Bass F Copper Flute breaks down into two pieces for easy transport.

Please Note:
If you would like a Bass F key for the bottom hole (makes reaching the bottom note easier), please order this separately here on the website, thank you. (not currently in stock)


Copper Flutes Ship in 5-7 Business Days

Bass F model, plays in F Minor and G Minor 

The Copper Flute has 7 holes on the front and a thumbhole on the back. 

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