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Lonely Owl Hand-Engraved Mouth Piece

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 This mouth piece begins life as rough copper before being hand-polished to a high shine. After this, the piece is delicately engraved over the course of an evening to tell the story of the Lone Owl, found below. 

This mouth piece is designed to sit further out of your Copper Flute Head Joint, so the engraving is more visible. (As seen in the photos and video). It has been coated in a food-safe coating, and is ready to join you in making sonic magic together...

What hidden items from the story below can you see on this mouth-piece? 

The Lonely Owl

In the heart of the forest, there lived an owl who was proud of his solitude and self-reliance. He believed that he was the wisest and most powerful creature in the woods, and he looked down upon all the other animals who relied on each other for support.

But one day, as the owl was soaring through the sky, he spotted a strange wooden sign on the ground below. The sign was written in a language owl had never seen before, and he could not decipher its message. Despite his fear, the owl refused to ask for help, and instead stared at the sign for hours on end, trying to understand its meaning.

As time passed, the owl grew weaker and weaker. He no longer ate or slept, and his once-majestic feathers began to fall out one by one. Finally, with the end in sight, Owl cried out “Oh, that I would have a single friend in this world to help me through.”

Just when the owl thought all was lost, he heard a voice in the night sky. It was a lone star, shining brightly in the darkness.

"I can read the ancient language of the sign," the star said. "It says that solitude nurtures the mind, but community nurtures the soul." The star warned the owl that time was running out, and that one day he would be alone, with no one to turn to for help or companionship.

The owl was filled with shame and regret as he realized the truth of the star's words. He had spent his life believing himself to be superior to all others, but in his time of need he was left alone without support.

But just as the owl began to mourn his folly, other stars spoke up, one by one, until even the moon and the sun joined in as well.

They told the owl that they had enjoyed his company all these years, and considered him a close friend. The sun and moon and stars nourished the owl back to good health, and they flourished together in the forest sky.

Since that day, the owl has spent his time encouraging people to think of others. With his call of "who?", he reminds them that all living beings are created to be in community with one another, and that a life spent in isolation and pride isn’t much of a life at all.

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