Lullaby Edition Copper Flute #LE0051 in Turquoise Ocean - RÄUM Music

Lullaby Edition Copper Flute #LE0051 in Turquoise Ocean

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This finish can be summed up with one word: depth. I create this beautiful finish through a multi-part process, giving each considerably more time than most others.

The end result is many layers of color, texture, and shine all coming together to tell one cohesive story. 

In addition, this Lullaby Edition features a custom hand-polished copper end-piece that I've personally machined here in my workshop with special detail. 

It includes the new updated V2 Head Joint, and a special Certificate of Authenticity. 


Lullaby Edition, plays in F Minor and G Minor 

The Copper Flute has 7 holes on the front and a thumbhole on the back. 

You Copper Flute will ship out from my workshop in 5-7 Business Days.


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