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Great Snake Hand-Engraved Mouth Piece

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 This mouth piece begins life as rough copper before being hand-polished to a high shine. After this, the piece is delicately engraved over the course of an evening to tell the story of the Great Snake, found below. 

This mouth piece is designed to sit further out of your Copper Flute Head Joint, so the engraving is more visible. (As seen in the photos and video). It has been coated in a food-safe coating, and is ready to join you in making sonic magic together...

What hidden items from the story below can you see on this mouth-piece? 

The Snake, The Snail, and The Moon

Long ago, in the time of the great spirit, there lived a mighty snake. The Great Snake was known for his insatiable appetite for beauty and his relentless pursuit of hidden knowledge.

He slithered through the forests, devouring all the beautiful things he could find. The flowers, the trees, the streams - nothing was safe from his hunger.

But the Great Snake was not satisfied. He craved more than just the beauty of the earth. He desired the hidden knowledge that only the gods possessed.

And so, he set his sights on the moon. The great shining orb that hung in the sky, mysterious and alluring. The Great Snake was determined to eat the moon and unlock its secrets.

He began to spiral his way up from the earth to the moon, his body writhing and twisting as he climbed higher and higher.

But the Great Snake was not alone on his journey. A small snail, who had been watching the Great Snake's actions with concern, rode on his back.

"Great Snake, what are you doing?" the snail asked. "If you eat the moon, it will destroy the earth and everything on it."

The Great Snake paid no heed to the snail's warning, consumed by his desire for knowledge. He reached the moon and took a bite, only to realize the error of his ways.

The moon began to crumble in his mouth, and the earth below shook and trembled. The oceans rose up and crashed onto the land, and the skies were filled with darkness.

The Great Snake knew he had made a terrible mistake, and frantically tried to undo the damage he had done. He spat out the pieces of the moon and used his powerful coils to try and hold it firmly in place.

But it was no use. The moon broken, and the earth was in chaos. The Great Snake felt a deep sense of regret and sorrow for what he had done.

But all was not lost. The great spirit, who had been watching the events unfold, intervened. They used their powers to restore the moon and heal the earth.

The oceans calmed, the skies cleared, and the land was once again filled with beauty. The Great Snake was grateful for the second chance he had been given, and he vowed to never again let his hunger for knowledge lead him astray.

To remind us of the folly of the pursuit of knowledge at all costs, the great spirit continues to reveal the bite the Great Snake had taken out of the moon to this day. 

On certain nights, when the moon rises in the sky, its crescent shape shines brightly, reminding us of the Great Snake's mistake and the danger of pursuing knowledge at all costs.

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